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Preventive care services

Preventive services

At the Clinique dentaire Caroline Emond, we focus our practice on prevention. In addition to providing preventive dental care, our dedicated team advises you on daily dental care. We give you the tools you need to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent future problems.

We also perform the preventive dental check to establish an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your mouth. We make sure your teeth and surrounding tissues are healthy. Book your appointment now!

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Hygiene care

Good hygiene is necessary to stay healthy. It is no different for oral health.

Our hygiene care services include dental scaling and tooth polishing. The removal of plaque, calculus and stains on your teeth helps maintain the health of your gums and teeth. Professional cleaning is complementary to hygiene care at home. We must not neglect the daily hygiene care, brushing teeth and flossing.

Dental examination

Sometimes neglected, the dental examination is an essential task to maintain your oral health.

The examination of the teeth, gums, soft tissues and jaws is intended to prevent and detect early any problem, from caries to cancer of the mouth. Once the diagnosis of your mouth is established, we will propose, if necessary, an appropriate treatment plan. Our caring professionals will provide you with clear explanations so that you understand the problems and treatments offered.

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When needed, the dental examination will be completed by X-rays. The latter make it possible to establish a diagnosis and to identify problems that are invisible to the naked eye. The frequency with which you need X-rays depends on your oral health status. It should be noted that taking dental X-rays emits only very small amounts of radiation. Above all, it is an essential tool to ensure that small problems do not become big ones.

Dr. Emond will advise you on the care needed to treat the problems detected. Trust our team and go home with a healthy smile!

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