The first visit - dental exam

A gentle approach

During your first visit with us, our team will know how to put you at ease and will take the time to fully understand you.

Whether it is for a complete dental exam or for an emergency examination, you will benefit from the same attention. Our trained professionals will ask you a few questions, regarding your past experiences with the dentist. This way, we can adapt our care to meet your expectations.

Complete dental exam

During the complete dental exam, we perform a thorough inspection of the teeth, gums, soft tissues and jaws. This aims to prevent and quickly detect any problem, from cavities to oral cancer.

The visual examination is completed by X-rays. These make it possible to establish an accurate diagnosis and identify problems that are invisible to the eyes. Be aware that taking dental X-rays emits a very small amount of radiation.

Once your oral diagnosis has been established, our professionals will provide you with clear explanations, so that you fully understand the problems and the treatments that apply to your situation.

Medical-dental questionnaire

Your health is important to us. Therefore, during your first visit, we will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire.

Each question asked has a direct link with your dental health and/or the care provided at the dentist. Depending on your answers, we interact with our patients in a different and personalized way.

Did you know that uncontrolled diabetes can contribute to gum disease and that taking certain medications can cause a lack of saliva?

You want to book an appointment?

It's easy! Contact us using one of the following two options to book your appointment with Dr Caroline Emond or Dr Isabelle Houde.

450-466-3368 Online

Emergency examination

IIf you have a discomfort that requires a quick intervention such as a broken tooth that hurts or swelling, we offer an emergency service by appointment.

We understand that a dental problem can cause a lot of pain, which is why our team will do everything to see you as soon as possible.

During the emergency consultation, we will assess the area in question and work to relieve your discomfort or pain. If necessary, we will develop a care plan according to your needs.

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